Social Mula delivers to expectations at Iwacu Muzika Festival

For many who love Rwandan music and most notably live performances, Saturday evening was a perfect time to switch on screens and tune in to Rwanda Television from 8:45 p.m. to witness R&B singer Social Mula’s anticipated performance at Iwacu Muzika.

It was indeed a long time since the “Ma Vie” singer, like many other local artists, went on stage due to restrictions on large gatherings as part of efforts by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

Born Lambert Mugwaneza, the singer was preceded on stage by upcoming talents being supported by ArtRwanda - Ubuhanzi to get wider exposure in a bid to uplift Rwanda’s art and creative industry. 

Photographer Yves Rwego is one of those who got the opportunity to grace the event as he explained what drives his photography career and highlighting his future ambitions. 

Designer Emmanuel Kezem also got time to showcase products of his brand ‘Kezem’ that designs Made-in-Rwanda clothes.

The music portion was inaugurated by upcoming talented lady Lorena who was backed by her colleagues from Art-Rwanda Ubuhanzi.

Symphony Band made the show more enjoyable, as they entertained the home-based audience with good instrumental music and nice voices spearheaded by vocalist Ariel Wayz, the single lady in the band.

As their performance went on, people went on social media to appreciate the band.

“Symphony band for sure you’re giving a musical challenge to many who are in the music industry. Keep decorating Rwandan music, sky is no longer the limit,” Aloys Imem, one of the people who were watching, tweeted as he was watching the show from home.

After the Symphony Band’s performance, the wait was over as Social Mula came on stage clad in a yellow shirt, colourful soft pants, white shoes and stylish glasses.

The singer, who is renowned for fusing R&B and Afrobeat genre, kicked-off his performance with “Amahitamo” and other romantic songs that have made him a household name, such as “Ma Vie”, before singing his gospel song “Ndiho”, in which he reiterates that God is the sole reason he is alive.

Mula proceeded with his many other songs such as the recent hit song “Yayobye”, before embarking on his breakthrough hit “Abanyakigali”, which introduced him on the music scene in 2013.

Many, who were watching took to social media to applaud the live performance skills by the artist who was now firmly getting more and more comfortable.

“Social Mulla is lit on live music,” reads Bruce Kelly Nkusi’s tweet.

Mula ended his show with ‘Stamina’, the collabo song with late DJ Miller, which reminded many of how the deceased played a big role in promoting Rwandan music and musicians.

Mula’s performance would not have been awesome without the efforts of Symphony Band which was backing him, a reason to why they were one the people he thanked before leaving the stage.

“I thank East African Promoters for this opportunity given to us local artists. I also thank everyone who is watching us from home. Thank you very much Symphony for your help,” he said.

Iwacu Muzika Festival is organised by East African Promoters (EAP), in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Culture, and ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi among other partners, to promote Rwandan music by bringing together different artistes in their respective age brackets on the same stage.

As announced by organisers of the festival, Jay Polly will headline the next show slated for Saturday, August 29.

The rapper is expected to entertain music lovers with his famous songs such as, “Ndacyariho”, “Umwami uganje” and “Ku musenyi” among others.